Inverting WP lists, also combined with SPIRAL patterns


is it possible to flip (invert) the sequence of an existing waypoint file, as those geenated by Auto WP >> Survey (Grid) ? So that the first WP becomes the last, and the last the first ?

It would be useful when used in combination with SPIRAL type of patterns, so that given a fixed perimeter, one could choose if to navigate inside-out or outside-in the spiral.
Actually, there are also two more options, i.e. clockwise or counterclockwise, but I’m not sure the planner supports this choices…

Any advice ?


Look here:
Adding mission parts at the beginning and end of new mission

there is a script that pretty much manages all waypoints actions. You can add, move and erase. With a little tweaking i guess you can have it done what you need.

It is a little great script written by @Eosbandi

Please tell me how you make spiral flights with the help of Survey (Grid). I’ll be very thankful