Inverted Stabilize Yaw wrong direction


Arduplane 3.4

Definition Stabilize Roll & Yaw:

  1. In Stabilize Mode when I Roll the Yaw also Increments to improve the turn @ Parameter KFF_RDDRMIX

Definition Inverted:

  1. Switch Inverted Reverses the Arduplane Attributes for Roll, Pitch & Yaw allowing normal stick orientation while in Inverted flight.


  1. Arduplane attribute Inverted flight on Channel 7.

  2. Transmitter attribute Switch Inverted also reverses Transmitters Roll, Pitch & Yaw

Fail: Inverted KFF_RDDRMIX

In Stabilize Mode when I switch to Upright the Yaw succesfully turns the correct direction. KFF_RDDRMIX = Success

In Stabilize Mode when I switch to Inverted the Yaw fails to reverse & results Yaw wrong direction. KFF_RDDRMIX = Fail

Inverted Orientations failing in Stabilize Mode:

  1. Stick Roll Right Upright:

Aileron Left = Down

Yaw = Right

  1. Frame Roll Left Upright

Aileron Left = Down

Yaw = Right

  1. Stick Roll Right Inverted

Aileron Left = Down

Yaw = Left

  1. Frame Roll Left Inverted

Aileron Left = Down

Yaw = Left

Frame Roll Left refering to Frame Rolls Left w/ No Stick & Stabilize should Roll & Yaw Right


In above formated Orientations, the Inverted Roll & Yaw should result the same as when upright. My problem is in Inverted the KFF_RUDDRMIX Stabilize Yaw fails to reverse resulting the same Roll & Yaw as when upright.

This function is not reversing the KFF_RUDDRMIX Yaw when I set the Inverted parameter & turn the plane upside down.


  1. Zero KFF_RUDDRMIX so Ardupilot has no Rudder Mixing when Rolling.

  2. Add the Rudder Mixing function to your Transmitter.