Inverted elevator on flying wing tilt rotor

this is my first post here as I’m just run into trouble while setting up my first VTOL with latest Plane 3.8.
It is a flying wing, so I’ve setup the control surfaces as Left and Right Elevon. Everything seems to be fine if I move the plane around in FBWA mode, the control surfaces moving in the right directions. But if I try to control them from my RC transmitter, I’m getting inverted movements on the elevons from elevator stick movements.
The only idea I have currently is to invert the stick movement in the transmitter calibration process. But I afraid, this could have side effects?

Thanks for any help in advance!

double check all your controls are acting in the correct direction as outlined in the TIP here

I already did this multiple times - but you are right:
In my case all green bars are moving in the same direction as the transmitter stick.
In opposite, the Wiki says:

The green bars should move in the same direction as the transmitter sticks (except for Pitch where the bars move opposite to stick movements - low values are forward, high values are back).

Thanks a lot!