Invalid channel option (210)

Hello, I have Arduplane 4.1.7, I use it on plane with airbrakes. I use Channel option 210 (airbrakes) - of course RCx_Option=210, Servon_Function=110
Airbrakes works as expected, I can control them via channel, but any time I change the value of the channel I receive error message"INF: Invalid channel option(210)"
Both in Mission planner, but what is most annoying also when using frsky telemetry and Yaapu script…
I believe, that Channel option 210 (airbrakes) in not fully implemented in code.

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into it.

@Zadrob Fix was merged into master today:

Hello, thank you.
I have updated to Plane 4.2.2 yesterday, the message is still there "Invalid channel option (210)

@iampete Did this make it into a release yet?

Not made it to stable yet, sorry.

Hi, I have seme issue

And I want to setup airbrakes for autolanding, but they working only on manual input.