Introduction to an air-cooled PEMFC stack powered multicoptor

test flight of 1hp stack:

test flight of 2hp stack:

PEMFC stack direct drive, without DCDC and LiPo Batteries.

Two types of stacks:
1hp stack: rated output power over 800W, total weight of 1.6kg.

2hp stack: rated output power over 1600W,total weight of 3.3kg.

Totally integrated controller, easy to use: provided 50~70kPag H2, output electric power immediately.

Battery 1 monitor is used to monitor the output voltage and current of the stack.
Battery 2 monitor is used to monitor the hydrogen pressure inside the cylinder.

Duration of more than 4 hours can be achieved with a 10X camera on a 3-axial gimbal.


Could you tell where to buy and how much cost these units?


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Thanks for your attention.

The UAV was built in China mainland.

The first key is the powerful and lightweight stack. The stack is established all by ourselves. The prices excluding tariff and freight are $8,000(1hp stack) and $11,000(2hp stack), respectively. Is it allowable to post a URL here?

The second key is the combination of proper specification of frame, propellers, motors, ESCs and cylinder, depending on the load and endurance requirement.

However, UAVs of endurance over 1 hour are not allowable to export from China mainland. The only thing I can do is to provide the stack, and then the combination of proper specification.

Amazing technology and affordable price tag. What’s the life time of those stacks in hours?

One of the stacks has been tested in the laboratory for more than 300 hours. The 1 hour cycle includes start stop, load change, rated power and peak power, lasts for about 1 hour. 8 cycles a day. No test in Sat. and Sun… Slightly performance degradation was found. Base on the experiment result, 1000 hours lifetime is achievable.

Besides, one UAV was delivered to customer one month ago. I’m told that both the stack and the drone work well.