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Hi Arthur ,
Thanks a lot for this great app. I’ve been running it successfully on my ASUS transformer TF-101 for at least one month and I really like it. My flight sessions will be more comfortable if in Flight Data screen I can see AS and GS info in Km/h as well as Altitude relative to ground instead of absolute.
Regards AA

Hi Antonio, great to see that you found the forum.

Both things are on our issue tracker for some time: … issues/121 … issues/133

Keep a watch on the above issues to get notified when someone has worked on them. And if you feel like it, you are welcome to join us and help developing those features.

Arthur: yesterday was a rainy day and I dedicated to study your great program, just impressive :open_mouth: , I use my cuad and plane to take crops photos, the poligon is very simple to use and very usefull thank´s.
the only things that I not discover yet is how to put my own camera at the list and I have little difficulties to put and individual WP, when I touch the screen on my Nexus many times apears two WP in the same place.
I’m anxious to check at the field, thank’s again, the program is very complete and intuitive :slight_smile: .

To add your camera you need to create a xml file with the specs of the camera, take a look at this discussion: … issues/227
After that you just copy it to the Droidplanner/CameraInfo/ folder on your tablet.

Survey planning will be much improved on the next release of the app.

Can you please update the link on how to create an xml file for additional cameras? Your link is broken and I can’t seem to find it on the Github page. I found xml files for other cameras but I’m not sure how the sensor specs affect altitude, sidelap, etc.

This thread seems to be broken, too.
On my Tab I can’t finde any .xml File. Not at the device memory and not at the memory card.

I have DP 2.8.6 rc3 When using it with apm plane after it acquires GPS lock the altitude shoots up to 220 meters. I assume this must be above sea level? I also see there are two altitude readings in the box. One is blue one is white. How do I get one or both of those to read zero and use only the baro?? Thanks!!!