Introducing a posi and alt hold into stabilize mode with additional sensor..and can I tune throttle in stabilize?

Hi again all,
My question on hand is this:

I am trying to simulate a denied GPS environment with my quadcopter, I am flying the cube 2.1 on a custom made bird.
I need to be able to keep a “loiter like” alt and position hold if I were to lose GPS and I am trying to simulate this by flying indoors in stability mode.

I am wondering how to ensure that my lightware SF11c Lidar and a flow sensor will take control and keep the aircraft in a loiter mode like state without the use of GPS… very similar to how the DJi spark flies indoors.

Also, I found that flying in stabilize mode my throttle input was not the same for hovering as in loiter mode, I know that its a total manual flight mode and i am wondering how I can tune it so that it will hover on it’s own around half throttle even in stablize mode.

Any advice is appreciated!


following with great interest

You have posted in the “Hardware” sub forum, but your questions are about sensor integration and mode behavior specific to ArduCopter. You may have more luck in the “Copter” sub-forum?

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Set MOT_HOVER_LEARN to 2 (learn and save) in order to properly scale the throttle stick in stabilize. It will learn hover throttle while hovering, and adjust so that is applied at mid stick in stabilize mode.

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