Interruption between on board instrument

i am putting a Xaomi yi action camera and controlling it through my cell phone’s wifi while flying. Along with it there is a raspberry pi with 4G LTE network modem on-board to transmit the picture/video in real time. Does any one having any idea that how much interference i get when all those instruments will be on-board or is it safe to keep all the things on vehicle ? If possible then suggest a way to mount those instrument on-board for minimal interference .

TRY XBstation

we support many tpye camera.

XBStation is a 4G LTE control system, which allows operators to control drones and live streaming via internet. It’s very easy to setup so that you can enjoy your flight with little steps.

  • WITHOUT GStreamer
  • Low Latency
  • OpenCV
  • custom Mission Planner
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Easy setup
  • Recording Video
  • Unlimited Range

XBStation User Guide: