Interpreting THRIn & ThrOut on a graph

Can some one explain what it means when THRIn doesnt Match THROut? Can that be added to the Wiki Page that explains Graphing Parameters? … using_Logs

thanks in advance

ThrIn, is literally, the throttle that you are inputting with the radio.

ThrOut, is the total throttle output from the main flight code to the motor mixer. It does not capture the effect of the “Stability Patch” that happens in the motor mixer, but that typically has no effect anyway.

So, in Stabilize mode, ThrOut should be your ThrIn, plus the effect of “Angle Boost”. So you will see the two diverge as you lean the copter over more. As long as the copter is upright, it will increase throttle out, but never decrease it. If you go inverted, it can reduce throttle to zero. This would only happen it something has gone horribly wrong with Stabilize.

In Alt Hold and other auto modes, ThrOut is the output from the autopilot functions.

thanks Rob, much appreciated