Interpreting flight log data from px4 cube

Hi guys, I finally had my 2nd successful test flight with my px4 cube flight controller. I managed to download the flight log data but however I am having a hard time trying to graph and interpret the data. May you please see attached data file and please let me know the maximum altitude inflight and distance covered as well if possible give me the battery voltage and current data.2020-02-03 11-17-27.log.param (17.9 KB)
I would really appreciate your help, thanks in advance.


The file posted in a parameter file so that shows the vehicle’s configuration (i.e. which sensors are enabled, maximum speed etc) but it doesn’t show the actual data from a flight. The link that proficnc has provided has more info on how to download an onboard log file. The CTUN.Alt message will show the altitude throughout the flight. The BAT message should provide into on the battery voltage and current.

We don’t directly store the distance covered so I’m not quite sure how you’ll get that info. The GPS message will show where the vehicle is throughout the flight.

By the way, a little terminology fix, the hardware is a Hex Cube or maybe a “Pixhawk” Cube. So in general, “Pixhawk” is hardware, “ArduPilot” is software. “px4” is a completely different software stack.

Thanks for using AP!

Thank you very much managed to plot the data, the confusing part now is the units of measurement. AHR2 altitude max is 1668 and Ctun alt is 65 as well as Baro. What are the units of measure for these?


Both are in meters but the AHRS2.Alt is probably above sea level while CTUN is always above home.