Interpret CSV logs

Hi there,

I would like to know how to interpret the CSV file you can extract from the tlog.

For instance, I would like to know how to difference the messages sent/received, how to extract the latencies, etc.


You need to build a .CSV parser. Not a very easy task.

Or if you have access to MATLAB, use ardupilog to read the .bin file directly into MATLAB. Once in MATLAB it is very easy to do any computation you want. All the data is parsed and available to you in properly named variables

Thank you so much. This can help me a lot.

I would like to calculate the link stats that are calculated in real time in Mission Planner:


Do you know how to do it with this data that is available in Matlab? If not, do you know where is it calculated in Mission Planner back-end codes?

It should be great if there is any tool to save it to plot some link stats…


It is all in the RADIO data packet in the .bin file.

Yes that packet is available in MATLAB

Thank you so much. The data is in the RADIO packet is: ‘LineNo’, ‘TimeUS’, ‘RSSI’, ‘RemRSSI’, ‘TxBuf’, ‘Noise’, ‘RemNoise’, ‘RxErrors’, ‘Fixed’.

I would like to have the bytes/s, packets/s, packts lost, max time between packets… for both download and upload.

Is that possible?


Take a look at the MAV and MAVC packets