InternalError 0x3000

Hello, I have a copter that flew for more than 100 hours in auto mode, and today, in my last mission of the day, just after the copter takeoff and rotate the yaw to inicciate the mission, it abrupt stops and a FailSafe appears with InternalError 0x3000 on screen, after that, the copter went to mission like nothing happen, but I landed for safety.

I did a research and found nothing, but a quote on ardupilot docs, that says “Internal erros (0xx): An internal error has occurred. Try reboot”.

I’m going to upload the flight and telemetry logs, really don’t know if I can flight again, hope someone can help me.


I’m using a black cube (v4.0.4) and two here 2 (can mode) purchased from ir-lock.

0x3000 is IOMCU reset and fail. Normally it should not happen. If this is an expensive copter, then I would put away that cube and replace it with a new one. There is a chance that the error was only intermittent, but better safe than sorry.

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Putting that Cube away for testing is good advice. If you’re in a position to try to provoke more problems from that Cube it would be really appreciated, however - just not in-flight!

See if you can spot where the IOMCU reset:

Thanks for your help.

Today I did 10 flights and no problem at all, maybe Was like you said, but, I will replace this cube.

Is there a way to now how this happen, a way to find The root of The problem to make sure that will or will not happen again?


Thanks for your answer.

Im not a expert in programming, maybe I will not be able to provoke this problem by my self, but if someone show me The way, Im sure that I will. It would be great to determine the root of problem and know if will happen again or not.


If you can bench-test it a bit that would be good - so run it, reboot it,
that sort of thing. If you find a reliable test case, that would be

Well, I kind did this but wasnt bench-test, I did 25 flight in auto (10 minutes each) and no problem at all. Even with this results I might replace that fc?