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Internal error iomcu_reset

Hi. I’d like to use AT 1.1.0. But whenever I do an axel calibration compass calibration servo test… and ready to track I see that message internal error iomcu_reset. And tracker is not moving sometimes HUD is also has a crazy behavior like moving upside down. On AT 0.8 that I’m using now, everything works more or less fine. what may cause such an error? I’m using pixhawk 2.4.8 Internal(turned off) and external compasses with GPS module(Ublox6).

I have a similar problem. I am able to calibrate the accelerometers and the compasses (itmac79 put together some very helpful information Antenna Tracker - Step By Step Setup and Simulator) On arming the internal error iomcu_reset error appears and locks the tracker up.

Please provide both onboard (“dataflash”) logs and tlogs.

2020-06-01 12-04-25.bin (818.7 KB)

sorry for a long reply I was very busy on these days

My antenna tracker

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