Internal error 0x2000000

Good afternoon,
Today whilst benchtesting I had internal error message – I was not able to capture it with photo and the Tlog for the event did not seen to save so the exact error I cannot say. I do however have 2x BIN files in the attached folder they are relatively small.
F/C - Cube Black in standard carrier board
Firmware - Ardu Plane 4.0.9
Aircraft - Foxtech Nimbus V2 Tilt Motor
Mission Planner - Latest stable

At the time bench test in manual mode, using MP switched to FBWA/B not sure which tilt motor moved to 45deg as expected, switched back to manual model error occurred and plane went into failsafe mode ? QLand / though still stated Manual in Mission planner.

Not sure if this should be posted elseware


I was able to find the TLog the ‘InternalError 0x2000000’ wondering if this is a known error with a known fix.

I have added the Tlog to the above folder, the event took place around the 12:32-12:34 mark. It should also be said that the Here3 GPS had been moved and not recalibrated prior to this event.!Auv-5QlGCPQo-HpFw-RGA4SR_b29?e=KNtwjq

Good evening all, I previously reported an internal error, that I was unable to replicated 0x2000000. Today I caught it during a survey mission and even caught the cause. The link above contains all the relevant files and the incident occurs at 12:07:32…appreciating that it is a flood on Pin 55. I have a list of current parameters with effect on 55. Fortunately and gratefully failsafe worked and it RTL’d safely PFM IMO.



RELAY _PIN2 = 55



I would love it if someone could review the logs or parameters and advise what needs to be changed. I contacted Foxtech Re SERVO 11 value and have no feedback from them-this is factory setting for this servo. Servo 14 FUNCTION was originally set to 59 however its my under standing 55 is required for CAM_FEEDBACK, as I’m using it for RTK. Thanks in advance

I have moved my my feedback pin in AUX4 and made the following adjustments


RELAY _PIN2 = 53

SERVO 11 FUNCTION =55 (AUX3 5V OUTPUT FOR L&R TILT SERVOS 9 & 10) - Factory setting

SERVO 14 FUNCTION =59 - Factory setting

So unfortunately now, I get an IRS Flood error on pin 53. I’m at a loss, The input is CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN from Foxtech MAP-02, hotshoe signal wire to AUX 4 - with PWM set to 3. I obviously have 1 or more settings wrong. But to the best of my knowledge and review I have followed the wiki.

What instructions are you following here?

Hi Peter

Started here, and have gone forward and backwards.
If I set Cam feedback Pin to -1 , I cannot get the error to occur so at least I know that is the problem - Params etc, are in the folder from my post 3 days ago.

Right. See, you seem to be setting a pin up both as an output - to trigger the camera - and an input - to read when the shutter has actually been triggered by the camera.

Unless you’ve got hardware to support it, you shouldn’t be specifying the input - just the output.

That’s a mis-configuration we shouldn’t permit in the code, clearly. It causes an internal error, after all!

If you think there really is a documentation problem which confused you, please raise a Pull Request to fix the problem. You can find a link in the top-right-hand-corner of the page you linked.

I’ll be creating an issue so we add some sort of protection against this in the code.

So I have hotshoe direct to Aux 4 with BRD PWM Count 3

I don’t know that it is a documentation problem or an interpretation problem, or just a general lack of understanding the relationships between AUX / GPIO / SERVO / RCIN /RELAY. I would love to see this explained better. Particularly when Foxtech assigns 55 to AUX3, and it is usually used (with most documentation I read) as an AUX6 GPIO.

Thanks for the support

Thankyou Peter,
I think the wiki and the parameters definately suggest you can set a camera up with hot shoe to as an input, and nothing to suggest additional hardware beyond a camera with hot shoe. I will post a pull request, though would be happier to be proven wrong, and led down the right pathway.


@peterbarker should I be leaving RELAY2 as -1 or set 55 for CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN 55 (AUX6)? I feel I have now seperated the servo v relay conflict but still appear to be getting the same internal error.

I have removed all references to PIN 55 except CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN. I have checked my voltages to confirm CAM RELAY ON is LOW drops from 3.3 to a lower voltage and CAM FEEDBACK PIN is HIGH from mVolts to about 1.2volts and set parameters accordingly. I can still induce a Internal error on ISR FLOOD 55 when putting into auto and using trigger camera now. I use this method as I not aware of any other way to bench test this issue
@tridge @peterbarker do you have any further suggestions. Folder containing BIN and Parameters included.!Auv-5QlGCPQo-y5UhZc5ESPwS7lF?e=yn99Yr

I have made 1 additional change RELAY DEFAULT from 0>1. Which appears at this time to work (unable to induce Internal error on Multiple bench test Arming scenario’s.