Intermitent "Bad Gyro Health"

I have now had the first few flights with the Pixhawk 2, fitted on my own design Quad.
Initially I was getting a compass calibration problem until I disabled compass 3.

On all flights and at intermittent times I get the warning message "Bad Gyro Health"
The Quad appears to continue flying normally, in both Stabilise and Loiter.

I this something to be concerned about? What could be causing it?
Here is the .bin file from the last flight if ProfiCNC can advise?

Can anyone help?
I have done numerous flights now including fresh autotune, still get the “Bad Gyro Health”. Does not seem to be any effect on flight but would still like to get to the bottom of it.

I am not sure what would cause this issue, others may be able to help more.

Have you taken a look at your vibrations to verify that’s not what’s upsetting your gyros?


Thank you for replying, yes I have looked at the vibration. It is very low, probably the smoothest quad I have flown.
I tried to upload a log file but it will not upload.

I think we need to look into what does this ‘bad gyro health’ message means and how does it affect the operation. I am not expert, but i suspect that it is cause by one gyro not giving meaningful readings for a certain amount of time. Since Pixhawk2 has 3 gyros, it would not affect the flight.