Interfacing USBL with Pixhawk 4 Running on Rover 4.0

I am looking for suggestions on how to communicate the telemetry and positioning data from a USBL (or any underwater sonar) to the Pixhawk 4.

Essentially, I am trying to enable a boat on the surface to follow a “lead” under the water.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this.

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More specifically, I would like to know if the Pixhawk 4 can read the telemetry data from a Sonardyne software and use it in the Ardupilot firmware. I have a groundstation that acoustically communicates with an ROV under the water and wirelessly communicates to a buoy on the surface using something like the SiK radio antenna.
Is it possible to get a relative position between the buoy and the ROV using the boat-to-bouy and boat-to-ROV positions. I know it can be done in theory but I want to make sure that it would be compatible with ardupilot rover 4.0 so I can implement loiter and follow protocols.