Interest in robotic engineering

My name is Bonita Kirby and I have a grandson who is finishing up his second year of college, in Florida. He is looking to transfer to another college to finish out his bachelor’s degree. I thought if we go to the companies that employ these individuals in this field, we may get better guidance, because you know what you are looking for and also you have accomplished this goal.
We are not getting the answers from the colleges and really want to help our grandson achieve his goals. Please help me to help him.
He is interested in Robotic Engineering and his desire is to build the robot. However, he does not know which major to take. He wants to build the actual robotic parts and does not want to get into the making of the brains of the robot.Should he take mechanical engineering to do this, or does he have to also take computer engineering, or both. It is important to know which way to go with this, so that he does not waste two years and get the wrong degree.I know this is an imposition on our part requesting your help, but we really need the right counseling. If you can help it would be appreciated and if you can let us know which classes he should take to achieve this goal.His name is Tomias Scott and we live in Florida.Thank you for any direction you could give in this matter.
Someone from your Support area suggested that I enter the forum and may get an answer to my email since he could not help me.
Thank you.

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