Interdrone 2018 [Partially Approved]

Topic: Interdrone 2018

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [X ] : Attend InterDrone 2018

Description: Cover the costs to host the booth and Ardupilot After hours event at InterDrone

Planned amount $$ (USD):
Booth Insurance $65.00
Furniture $438.15
Electrical $130.00
Hotel $421.79
Airfare $137.96
Uber / parking $100
Approx total $1300
Estimated time for completion: Sept 5-7

What’s the hotel, airfare and Uber/parking? Is that Tiziano’s costs? I thought that was in the other proposal.

Also this is something for Marketing Committee, right?

G’day Craig,
thanks for taking the lead on InterDrone planning, and putting this proposal up.
The Marketing Committee has discussed and voted in favour of the direct Booth/Interdrone costs, but not attendance costs.
It’s unclear who those costs are for, but Tiziano’s costs have been approved separately, and booth planning discussions were based on team members already attending.
If you wish to put forward a separate proposal for attendance costs to the Funding Committee, you are welcome to.

Those are my travel costs to attend.
Tiziano and I are sharing the hotel room as I already have it booked. i.e. the hotel room has already been approved.

I’m asking for the remaining
Airfare $137.96
Uber / parking $100
to also be approved.

Thank you