Integrating OpenCV Object Detection into QGroundControl

Hello, I’m working on a project where I need to engage in object detection via drones. I have the object detection code set up and running. I have done following to achieve that:

  1. Compiled opencv with Gstreamer and QT support from source and did some image processing. I was able to integrate this into QGroundcontrol by building the code as a shared library.

Now I am running into the following issues:
I want the output frames to be shown inside the QGC window itself, currently processed frames (detection output video stream) are shown using opencv method, imshow(), which results in a separate window.

Is there another approach on how I can use opencv to process frames (e.g from a webcam or RTSP stream) and show it inside the QGC window itself via the VideoManager?

Hi @Aryan_Ghadge

Why you not generate in your side a new stream and configure qground to show your new stream?

This probably will generate more latency but could works