Integrating a radar to ardupilot using DroneCAN

Hi Everyone!
I am a beginner in the world of drones and ArduPilot. I have recently acquired a sensor that communicates via the CAN protocol, and I am looking to integrate it into my ArduPilot setup using DroneCAN so that i can set it up as a proximity sensor or a rangefinder

My Hardware:
Flight Controller: CubeOrangePlus

What I Need Help With:

  1. How do I configure my sensor to communicate properly with Autopilot over CAN?
    Are there specific parameters or settings I need to adjust?
  2. How do I set up and use DroneCAN for this sensor?
    What are the necessary steps to ensure that my sensor data is correctly recognised and utilised by Autopilot?
  3. If my sensor requires a custom driver, could someone guide me through the process of writing and integrating it into the ArduPilot stack?
    Any sample code or examples would be highly appreciated.

There are many lidar rangefinder from manufacturers supported by ArduPilot flight stack, see if it listed here, if no, what so special of this DroneCAN sensor worth the effort.


Hi Jay,
The sensor which i am using IWR6843(IWR6843ISK Evaluation board | which is a radar developed by TI and currently it’s not supported by Ardupilot flight stack.
It’s using CANFD to transmit messages.
It can read 40 mtrs and extendable upto 60 mts. 120 degrees FOV.
So here are my options:
i)Either i have to develop my own custom driver for the sensor which i am using.
ii)Set up this sensor using Dronecan.

So i need assistance in integrating this sensor in which ever way possible.

Thank you.

I am afraid I am not a code developer for the flight stack, however, these are something that may help you.

  1. CAN bus and UAVCAN/DroneCAN protocol
  2. Code contribution.
  3. active contributors you can speak to
  4. How to get involved.
  5. one example and example.

Thanks for your input Jay.

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It would be really helpfull if you guys give any suggestions.