Integrate a sensor without any external controller or companion computers using mavlink to FC?

I’m working on a project with ArduPilot and I’m looking to integrate a sensor. My question is: Is it possible to integrate a proximity sensor which can communicate using CAN protocol into the ArduPilot stack using MAVLink without using any external controller or companion computers? If so, what would be the best approach to achieve this?

Yes it is of course possible. The sesnsor already talks mavlink, so all you need is to connect it to the FC and it will work.

If it does not work, it is not correctly configured or you have incorrectly described you problem

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The sensor just gives the cloudpoints as output through CAN interface.
How to connect it to the FC using MAVLINK?
Or how to make it communicate with FC using MAVLINK?

That is not what you posted in the first post. Anyways you should use lua scripti ng to do that

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through lua scripting i can receive the CAN messages and send it to FC?
Am i correct?

Yes that is the idea.

Thanks for the info and quick reply.