Instructions pdf

Is there an available link to download the entire arduplane “manual/instructions” as a pdf? We do a lot of testing in more austere environments that may not have useful internet access and being able to save the file and have it for reference would be fantastic. I know I can manually choose and print each page, but a comprehensive manual available to download would be very useful.


Archie Stafford

This is because the soft evolves so quickly that any hard document would be out of date within a week or two.
It is already a battle to find volunteers to keep the Wiki up to date at all times and the guys doing this great momentous task have no time available for constantly updating a pdf.

The Ardupilot Wiki is a living growing document.

You could use a site mirroring App like HTTracks. I used this some years ago and it worked and just tried it again with Took ~10minutes on my not so fast connection and it’s ~152MB. Then just read it from a browser like any other offline browser content.

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