Instructions on erasing and reseting

With the new MP and 3.2rc10 How do I reset and erase for a fresh start ?
APM 2.6

goto the full param screen, and click the reset to defaults

Does this erase the Eprom also ? So its a complete erase…

Under Terminal, Select Pixhawk, connect; then in the command prompt area,

Type ’ Help ’ [enter]
Type ’ Setup ’ [enter]
Type ’ Erase ’ [enter]

With the new MP Terminal won’t connect and all logs are down loaded via Mavlink.
APM 2.6 3.2 rc10

In the upper left hand corner of the screen, next to the ‘Connect’ button, is a drop down that defaults to APM.
Be sure to select ‘Pixhawk’ before trying top connect.
If I forget and try to connect under ‘APM’, I have to close the program and restart.