Instant flip to the left on firmware v3.3.3 AND v3.4.6

The airframe is a DJI S1000+
FW for first flip: 3.4.6 then downgraded to FW 3.3.3, then it flipped in same manner and same direction again

4 files provided here.

Parameter file provided is for log 19’s flip and is called DH1 Flipped Params
Log 18 is a 30 minute long motor burn in performed before the flight 19’s log, she was weighted down so no flip was possible
log 14 was the first time she flipped
log 19 was the second time she flipped, this log appears to be corrupt due to missing FMT (don’t know why)

NO Errors are thrown by the autopilot
magnetometer was calibrated and showed correct direction
accelerometers were calibrated and showed no errors, tilting the aircraft showed correct orientation
Visual inspection shows no bad wires
Props are oriented correctly (CW vs CCW) and show no damage
Wire output to the motors are confirmed correct and was flown succesfully 4 times prior to the flip issue taking hold

The first flip occurred after we downgraded from fw version 3.4.6 to 3.3.3. To do this I loaded arduplane (which forces a memory erase) then loaded 3.3.3 (which also forced a memory erase)

Any help would be appreciated!!