Installation pitch tilt

Hello everyone

I did an experiment with a pixhuak installed on a platform, with some tilt in the pitch axis relative to the platform axis.
Now I’m trying to figure out how it affects the roll and yaw measurements. I guess this is a rotation matrix, which convolve in a super position the yaw and roll of the platform with certain weights (sin and cos) for the yaw and roll of the ins.
Am I right?
If so, it’s weird because the yaw values distribute between 0-360, and the roll between -180 to 180.
If I substruct 180 from the yaw values its steal doesn’t make sense.
Does someone faced that problem before?

Thanks for help!

So not subtract anything. Just apply sin or cos to the angles. Those functions are periodic the angle range makes no difference.

As i remember the values are in radians so you need to convert to degrees. It doesn’t affect the measurements but you need to configure AHRS orientation.