INS_NOTCH no longer available?

In my 4.0.5 I can enable NOTCH filter with INS_NOTCH_ENABLE but I am not finding any of the commands below:

Is only HNTCH available in 4.0 and NOTCH is gone?

It’s there all right, just set INS_NOTCH_ENABLE = 1 and refresh parameters to see the rest.
Two more points though:

  1. best to use 4.0.7 because there are definitely beneficial and important fixes included.
  2. INS_NOTCH usually is not needed, correct config of HNTCH is the way to go.

EDIT - Ah I see, slightly customised firmware, OK.
Set HNOTCH to get the peaks with harmonics (where there is a frequency peak, then frequency times 2 peak) then your static notch on a single peak that has no harmonics.

Thank you Shawn - it’s working after rebooting!
I was so sure I did reboot earlier when I could not see those parameters. I must have not…