INS_ACC3_ID parameter problem

Since the update I have this error message, without understanding why.
I don’t have INS3_ACC3.

My setup:

  • Pixhawk 3Pro Drotek
  • GPS Here3


Hi @djiane,

Can you give the exact error message that you’re seeing? I suspect that perhaps at some point you’ve somehow manually changed the INS_ACC3_ID parameter (perhaps you saved and re-loaded using a parameter file as part of an upgrade?). This parameter is normally updated automatically so I imagine setting it manually could have caused a problem.

It may help to just manually set INS_ACC3_ID back to zero and reboot to see if that helps.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I haven’t changed anything because I don’t have INS_ACC3 in my settings.

Here are two pictures

That’s right you don’t. That Flight Controller has 2 IMU’s. If you want to know why QGroundControl is producing this message then post in that thread but I think it’s of no consequence.

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Ah, ok. So QGC sometimes complains if it doesn’t have the parameter description for all the parameters present on the flight controller (MP is less strict and simply doesn’t display the description).

The parameter description is there in the flight code so I suspect that the issue is that QGC is out of date.

Even on Mission planner I don’t have this parameter.
So I don’t understand…

That flight controller does not have 3 IMU’s. So of course there won’t be an ID shown for 3.

Drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro:

What does it show on the HWID screen? Setup>HWID

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yes I know, but why this error message then?

Post in the QGrounControl thread if it’s of interest to find out or ignore it. It’s not an Ardurover issue.

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It was just to understand because it doesn’t bother me…