Input please - 2019 Recommendations for Pixhawk/Pixhack for 450 sized electric heli

Are there PRACTICAL/ Real World performance differences between Flight Controllers using the FMUv3 versus FMUv5 boards? Should I wait for the FMUv7 boards? Spec sheets show notable spec bumps with FMUv5. Here’s the dilemma. I want to put a Pixhawk/hack system on my fly-barred electric 450-sized heli. Space and weight are major considerations. Known contenders are Pixhack V3x, Pixhawk 4 Mini and Pixhack V5 Nano. I’d consider unknown contenders …but the TRADITIONAL HELI collective published knowledge on the smaller units like the Pixracer ( is so limited…I’m reluctant to go that route. Here is what I have so far… PLEASE add to it to help with decision making:

Pixhack V3x

  • Highly recommended by experienced pilots on this forum
  • Internal damping will probably allow mounting without shock absorbent tray
  • Has been on the market a while / proven track record.


  • HEAVIEST of the group and largest dimensions
  • Older FMUv3 tech – probably not something to be concerned with…but ???

Pixhawk 4 Mini

  • Readily available at great prices
  • Lightweight & smallest dimensions
  • Newer FMUv5 based technology
  • Construction LOOKS like its internally dampened…but literature doesn’t say one way or the other. If dampened - might not need shock absorbent mounting tray.


  • No heli pilots have spoken up about this unit – Pro or con

Pixhack V5 Nano (

  • Small & Lightweight
  • Newer FMUv5 based technology


  • Very proprietary connectors and GPS requirements
  • New and Unproven
  • Not dampened & would likely need shock absorbent mounting tray.

Pixracer/Mind Racer/Kakute F7 and similar small form factor FMU’s

NO DATA from Traditional Heli pilots H E L P**
Biggest PRO is these have the smallest form factor and lightest weight.

Please chime in with your experiences. Thank you in advance.

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Good analysis of the options. Just some remarks. The v5nano has standard “Drone_code” connectors.

I’ve used the Cube, MindPX, PixRacer, CUAV v5, CUAV v3 and recently did some flights on a 700 sized helicopter with the v5 nano with excellent results although it does not have the damping.

I’m moving the v5nano to a 450

but haven’t tested it yet on the 450

about the micro sized boards, Kakute’s and such have no experience, although I’ve been tempted to try one, but the lack of casing is (IMHO) a negative point, specially when compared with the high quality metallic cases of the CUAV’s or the MindPx.