Inject Heading into Ardupilot with Fake GPS

Hi guys,
I’ve got a stereo cam system running on a board attached to my copter.
The stereo cam system publishes data into ROS and my PX is connected via mavlink to mavros.
I’m able to get the position via the fake_gps. Its pretty accurate. But the only problem is, that I’ll fly in indoor areas with a lot of steel. So I want to fly without a magnetometer.
I have a yaw value of the current yaw position of my copter. I just want to inject the heading value into the PX to adjust the heading. Elsewise the heading will drift.

Furthermore I need the fake_gps to plan a waypoint flight indoors.

Thanks for the help

Are you talking about relative or absolute heading?

I have a stereo vision system which publishes the odometry data into the ros system.
The data is relayed to the fake gps of the pixhawk. And now I want to disable the magnetometer and use yaw value of my odometry as a heading/compass value.

Its not important if the heading is relative or absolute. For example I want to start with the heading always to the north and from there I just want to use the heading of the stereo vision as a compass fake for indoor navigation.

So your heading that you get out of your system does not drift?

If you want position hold then its important that your heading aligns with your tracking system.

Yes my heading out of my systems does not drift.
Thats why I want to use it. The place where I want to fly does not allow to use a normal compass due to magnetic interferences.
Yes everything is aligned. I just need a way to get my heading values replaced

That’s good. I have kind of the same problem with my indoor environment.
I have the marvelmind system and want to get heading from it. It can do heading but I dunno how I can use it with arducopter. Even marvelmind don’t know…

Sounds like we both have the same problem.
I’ve also tried to get the vision_pose_estimation plugin in to run. It works, but I cant get the local position message from the pixhawk.