Initiate landing sequence with switch


Is it possible to initiate landing sequence with a switch?


Yes there is a LAND mode.

Take a look at this. By landing sequence did you mean DO_LAND_START in AUTO mode or just landing immediately?

I’m asking about possibility to start landing from fbwa mode…

My idea: press a switch and initiate landing sequence. I can point a plane to landing direction manually but want to finish a fly automatically after a switch.


Is it possible to activate manually?

sorry i just seen you were asking about plane and not copter. you need to have the landing pre setup as part of a mission before you can start an automatic landing with plane as it needs to know what direction to approach due to wind, obstructions etc as its not coming straight down.

Setting RCx_OPTION=99 will initiate DO_LAND_START according to here.


Thanks for this link.
I’ll try both : Land(18) and Auto RTL (99)



Both 18(Land) and 99 (rth_land) gives me Invalid channel option message when activated…

I’m on 4.1.12 fw

Just enter RTL mode with a DO_LAND_START in your mission…

I got you.
Just set rtl_autoland to 1 and put a do start land into mission.

Thanks for advising me.

No. The servo function 99 exists only in Copter, not in plane.
You can verify it by looking at ardupilot/RC_Channel.cpp at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

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I was really lucky to setup auto landing after rtl before today.
It saved my day, my vehicle and, possible, 3rd party property…