Initializing ardupilot

Why would MP continuously message “Initializing Ardupilot even after all initializations are complete and the vehicle has all calibration done .Is there a time frame for this to take place , Also have to reconnect usb a couple of times to get it to connect via mavlink, using v4.3.5 and MP 1.3.79 and cube black, Tried to download logs get a timeout error

Is it actually rebooting over and over?

Usually this means the gyros are still calibrating

I will give that message a couple of times when I reboot along with the leds will flash red green and blue there is no pattern to what it does, there are times when it want connect to mavlink at all, it show com port 3 or 4 but it normally will connect to 4 and when it does there is a flat tone and leds will flash red, green and blue with the message initializing ardupilot but it never initializes. How long should it take to initialize

Is there a way to do a reset of Cube FC and refresh it and try starting the setup over

Only when I reboot but it never does finish initializing