Initial setup problems esc's flashing and not responding

Currently running 2 boats on aover/boat no problem and im helping a friend convert his to autopilot.

everything works as it should via transmitter.

TX is FS i6s
RX is a 10ch
ESC’s are Hobbywing Quicrun-WP-16BL30
rover/boat 4

arms ok… esc’s just flash and dont do anything. plugging a servo into ch 1 and 3 results in the servos moving but plugging an esc in gives nothing.

as i say boat works no bother as a standard RC boat.

any and all help appreciated we are completely flummoxed by it :confused:

Post your parameter file it might be useful.

Have you calibrated the ESC’s ?

He is away fur the weekend but I will certainly do that on Monday.

Although it’s just factory defaults with all arming checks removed for bench testing. Radio calibrated… That’s it really.

I was thinking that but why would they lose their calibration when they work fine and after calibrated ok using only a receiver in a traditional RC setup?

Also… How do we go about that recalibration? Within mission planner or not?

here is the parameter file. boat arms no problem but will not deliver any signal to the motors, its a twin prop. i loaded these params into my boats and it armed but no motor movement at all.

boat not workig.param (16.3 KB)