Initial Parameters Calculator Plugin

Yes that is what I would do.
Also set INS_LOG_BAT_MASK,1 so you are gathering data for configuring the Harmonic Notch Filter if you havent already.

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I added a PR to move a revamped InitialParamsCalc to the SETUP tab. (Integrated into the code, not a plugin anymore). I hope it will be accepted by Michael and make its way to a new release.


Excellent work as always Andras - thanks for your effort.

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What a great idea!

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Ok…:+1:execellent a Great

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The PR was merged. If you update to the latest beta, then you can try it out. :slight_smile:



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Absolutely bloody awesome,and thank you Andras,Leonard and Shawn for doing this makes it so much easier to tune and these things make ardupilot an awesome platform

Nice! I like the extra options and link to docs.
Very good.


This is a fantastic addition! Thanks to all involved.

Thanks to all involved.

Hi all where can I get this MP? only if I use the plugins that you have discussed later!

Update to latest (1.3.56) version

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I used this plugin recently and experienced much pain because the plugin adjusted INS_GYRO_FILTER from the default of 20 up to 46. I had a large noise peak at 46 and so I found that the quadcopter twitched all over the place.

The 20Hz warning message no longer appears in Mission Planner, at least in my setup.

IMO, the first thing anyone should do before using this plugin (which I think is useful) is to analyse the IMU noise to set a dynamic notch filter. There is no point setting anything else without this out of the way first.

On a smaller multirotor it will be an oscillating mess with the gyro filter set at default. You could not fly it to acquire the data needed to set the notch filter.

Right, but you still need the warning for larger quads.

This one that’s on the Initial Parameter Setup page?

I see it now, but the original version had a window pop up which is much more effective at alerting the user to something important. That said, ultimately it is my fault for not reading the text on the initial params page properly.

1.3.76 Plugin: InitialParamCalc add

what is airscrew size?
I have 23 inch propeller Hobbywing x6, what’s the airscrew size?