Inexpensive ($50) RTK-capable GPS

If anyone is interested in playing around with RTK GPS, 3dxr has the Here+ M8P on clearance right now:

They can be flashed with rover firmware also, and the receivers only weigh 7g if you remove the case (not including antenna). Great deal for ~$50. Here are stats from one running indoors using NTRIP (

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thank you, I just bought 2. £50 each with free shipping in the uk.

the M8p is ok for basic RTK use but its single band so dont expect better than about 30cm precision so you cant use it for GPS compass as im sure you need a F9P for that to work.

Someone is selling the rover modules on ebay for £65.

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Does it have the same performance as f9p?

no not even close, they are effectively useless for professional use. 30cm vs 3cm on the f9p

Ha, ha. There is a reason the base Ublox F9P chip is $200.

these are much better if you need RTK on a budget.

I just ordered one of the RTK rover modules off ebay, not specifically for the GPS, but mainly because it also has 3 separate compass modules in it and I have been having lots of issues with cheap compass modules.

The ebay seller is taking offers, I got it for £55+5 shipping.