Inertialsense uINS driver for pixhawk

We are trying to connect an external INS (inertialsense uINS) with pixhawk

We are looking for a developer to add a new feature to the ArduPilot code

This is to create a new deriver for inertialsense uINS

The budget for the development of this feature is negotiable
We can work remotely with the developer

This feature will be used in a project of delivery of products

Send us your application on

Thank you

@alexaalbertt - You might want consider joining Ardupilot as a partner. That will get you far greater access to the development team and enable you to get driver support. We get far more value than the cost of our yearly dues to the partner program and it helps support overall project too. I am more than happy to share more offline if you are interested?

Phil - mRobotics