Industrial Grade 1000nit Dual Operator Function(master-slave) industrial GCS (QGC) Support Pixhawk drones

new GCS:1000nit Dual Operator Function(master-slave) industrial GCS(QGC) Support Pixhawk drones.
Do you have problems with herelink?Check our Industrial Grade GCS!

Model: Etlas Mobile II
Size: 218mmX106mmX32mm
Screen display: 5.5 inches, 1000cd/m2, 1080P
Image transmission distance: FCC 20km; SRRC 12km
Video transmission delay: 110ms minimum ( from input source to ground screen display)
Work Temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
Battery:Removable;18650 battery2(3350mAh2)
Remote Control:Joystick X2,Wave wheel X3,Button X5,Three gear switch X2
Connection method:One-to-one connection/master-slave mode
Audio Built-in speaker *1

Sky side
Communication interface: Two-way Sbus, UART, HDMI, NET
Power input: 12V; XT30 interface
Video input: 720P@30fps; 1080P@30/60fps
Size: 64mmX89mmX22mm
Exterior Design Improvement:
Dual Thumb Wheels, no combination needed
Add Wheels for Zoom
Add Switch for Flight Mode
Add Picture&Video Shoot Button On Back


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Nice, any pic of what software runs on it? Maybe a video.

Presenting your product asking people if they have probs with another specific brand (from wich obviously you copied design) is a very cheap and unprofessional way of doing things.

Pictures of the real thing would be appreciated too. Renders are just …renders.


How many models does it support. So far all of these types of devices appear to only support 1 model and thats just expensive. Handling more then one model like a taranis does keeps the cost down.

Just one question. Does it have CE and or FCC certificate ? If yes, can we see those certificates ?

And of course, How much?
3.5hrs operations is not a long time.

Looks to be around $1200 on Holybro…

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the manufactuere is not herelink!!!Herelink GCS was not designed and manufactuered by herelink。
the manufactuere is not herelink!!!Herelink GCS was not designed and manufactuered by herelink。

Before you put bad labels on others, I hope you do more research, thank you!

To you and all,

Herelink GCS And our Etlas Mobile II GCS are both designed and manufactuered by ex-xiaomi drone team,not herelink company.


Yes,the retail price is 1199USD

Hi Andras ,our Etlas mobile I has CE and FCC Certificates,our Etlas Mobile II will have the Certificates
next month.

Hi Mike,it use Detachable Battery:S am s u n g 3 5E 3 5 0 0m A h 18650 B a t t e r y
I believe you can extend the operation time by exchanging a more powerful battery.


Connection method :One-to-one connection/master-slave mode(dual operator function)

So if I understand you.
Its one transmitter to one receiver. So one model only.
IF I am right this is the same issue other devices have. They only support one model. Unlike say a Taranis that can have 255 different models. I know, not flying at the same time lol.

This is what the hobby community needs. If a device is 1200 dollars there is no way a hobbyist is going to spend that kind of money if it only manages one model. It’s not cost effective.
Might be different if its a commercial enterprise…but not a hobbyist.

Hi Ricky,yes,it’s a industrial GCS for commerical enterprise.

Can you give details on the software used and your update plans and your support for users ?

While you state Herelink is not made by cubepilot is somewhat correct t’s not the full truth. It’s a partnership with that team and what your not saying is that cubepilot have been the only ones driving support and updates.

So what GS App will this be running ?

What support will you have in place for users, where do they go to get that ?

What are the update plans for feature, security and safety updates over the next few years of this device ?

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The hobby community isn’t the only customer for RC / drone equipment, and wheather they like it or not, a increasingly less meaningful one at that.

I hope this will live up to their claims, as innovative as the herelink was, the team has made it clear improving the controller design to be more suited to industrial customers is not a priority at the moment.

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I am more concerned about the ESC calibration process. Not sure is it straightforward in Etlas Mobile case.

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What software GCS runs?