IndoorPositioning with POZYX

Good day,
I have a problem with my QAV250 drone with Pixhawk4Mini and ArduPilot v4.1.x (latest version). I use QGroundControl and Pozyx Creator Controller software. As described in this link, I have completed all configurations (Pozyx for Non-GPS Navigation — Copter documentation). Additionally I have activated EKF3 and deactivated EKF2. As source I have always selected “Beacon” at EK3! The anchors I have configured in the Pozyx software as 3D with different heights.

My problem now is that the drone is armed but does not fly up and executes the mission! Instead it beeps. I do not know what else I can do? Does anyone have any ideas?

I have created and transferred the path and tried to start using AUTO or LOITER.

Warning: Mode change to AUTO(LOITER) failed: requiers position.
Critical:PreArm. Bad GPS position

But i turned GPS off or not??? I dont want to use GPS.

Did you test it at least once with GPS?

Yes, but outdoors. indoors GPS did not work. Outdoors Loiter and Auto worked very well with a mission.

What am i doing wrong??

i disabled GPS in QGC and still getting the error. The positioning is working but the drone doesnt want to take off…

If it works outdoor with GPS, then at least the basic stuff works.
The documentation is probably a bit lacking, but AFAIK Randy is working in improving it. Check often to see if it got updated.

my last problem is " PreArm: Need Position Estimaet!" Please what can i do to solve this problem?