Indoor mini drone throws my trash away using a servo and optical flow

I recently decided to upgrade my mini pi zero drone for indoor flight. Of course, I needed a goal to fuel the rebuild, so my aim was to fly trash to my trash can in the kitchen from my drone- while I’m sitting on the couch.

I’m using a Matek F405 HDTE flight controller running ArduCopter, connected to a Pi Zero. In this video, I used the Pi Zero to stream video to a browser so I could see when the drone was under the trash can- and I could trigger the servo to release the garbage.

The optical flow module I used is the Matek 3901 L0X board. I found the rangefinder to be subpar, so I used a TF Mini instead of the onboard RF on the 3901. The 3901 OF module seemed to behave pretty well, but I had a weird issue I could never figure out. In poor lighting conditions, I’d get perfect Y-axis flow data, and horrendous X-axis data.

Anyways, I document this entire build in the youtube video tied to this post. Hope someone finds it useful!


That is excellent !!
Funny and well explained, @rmackay9 here some inspiration for your next wiki :wink:

@Caleb_Bergquist May I suggest a next step ?
Add OpenMV camera with precision landing so you can automatically align with April Tag and throws trash on the basket