Indoor ground station project


I didn’t really know where I can post this message. I don’t know if you are interesting but I would like to build an indoor ground station.
My idea is to use apm planner 2.0 for this, because a lot of thing is already done, and you have a large community that can help. I don’t know if you are interested by my project.
The idea is to add others component in the comfiguration stuff, like more sonar system to help the indoor navigation and help user in small environnement, with an indoor navigation configuration for px4 (like limited speed, use sonar to avoid collision etc…).
And after this, my idea is to add a micropc like raspberry 2 or odroid with camera to add semi or automatic indoor navigation capabilities with SLAM.
I don’t know if you’re interesting, but if, yes, what is the best way to do this ? (I mean about organisation, for example, it’s better to fork the project, or have a new branch in the git project or others ?).
And where is the best place to speak with you about my project ?
If you are not interesting, can I fork you’re project without problems, and can I receive some help if I need it ?
Thanks a lot and have a good day !

To add features to the project the procedure is to create a fork, and then create a Pull Request to have those changes added to the main project.

We can help as much as spare time we have? If you create your own fork that’s also not a problem but it’s good to keep changes in the main repo if possible.

Thanks a lot, so, I think the best is to create a fork with the pull request.
But, my project is not easy, so the project will be unstable for a long time (there are a lot of stuff with hardware / software to do).
I look for the fork and pull request this week-end !

Hmmm, I am to sure I follow the ‘unstable’ thread in the comment.

Projects are made up of many features, I each feature is hopefully in a ‘stable’ state for that part in time in the project. If you leave all your changes to the end of your project (whatever project really ends) It will be a herculean task to merge all the changes.

I happy to accept features as implemented and tested (test code or practically tested). Less like to accept one huge PR at once.

It’s how we built the current project, one small step at a time :slight_smile: