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Indoor flight with external navigation data


(Samuel Matos) #22


I’ve corrected some problems that I had with my setup and it is working now. It oscillates a little but it is holding position. Check this video.
At the moment I’m sending all information (x,y,z,roll,pitch,yaw) but I’ll try with x,y,z and yaw, don’t see the value of roll and pitch in this application. I’ll let you know if it works.
Please let me know if you made any progress with your setup.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Fabian Faul) #23

@samy74 and @guglie, did you manage to fly with only providing (x,y,z)? Did setting the angles to zero work?
I have the same request. I need to fly indoors and have only (x,y,z) data and no angles at the moment.

(Samuel Matos) #24


Didn’t try it yet. I believe you’ll need at least the yaw to fly indoor. I’ll try it next week and see the behavior without external pitch and roll.

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #25

@chobitsfan: I will be using a clip from your video for an intro. Is it ok for you?

(Chobitsfan) #26

@chobitsfan: I will be using a clip from your video for an intro. Is it ok for you?

hi @tiffo: Sure, it is shared in Creative Commons

(Guglie) #28

I’ve tested this motion capture setup. For me it is working well as expected, but only if origin is set with SET_GPS_GLOBAL_ORIGIN, otherwise not only I can’t use guided or auto mode but I can’t read the position anywhere in telemetry or logs.

I’ve encountered a few issues (more relate to position controller) with my copter explained here with video and log. Maybe you know how to deal with them :slight_smile:

(rmackay9) #29

@chobitsfan, I’ve created this PR over in mavros to enable the mocap_pose_estimate plugin for ArduPilot by default. This is the right thing to do right?

(Chobitsfan) #30

hi @rmackay9 That is really helpful! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Chobitsfan) #31

I test both bebop2 and skyviper v2450. running ardupilot master, in the same motion capture system setup. It is strange that bebop2 is more stable than skyviper. Skyviper seems a little toilet bowl which is not possible because I do not use compass

bebop2_indoor.BIN (595.7 KB)

skyviper_indoor.BIN (829.1 KB)