Increasing distance by amplifying signal?

Like to ask a noob question. For instance if my drone, I placed a 2W signal amplifier. And on my controller, I had a 4W amplifier. The distance is determined by the 2W on the drone am I right? Even if I amplify my controller signal to 4W I can’t receive signal from my drone beyond what the drone can send?

Do you mean telemetry radios?
Some of the cheap ones that claim to be 1W or more are in fact standard 500mw ones with an “amplifier” and are famous for noise, interference and lucky if they work at all. Adding an amplifier will likely breach some law wherever you are.
The best way to increase range with existing radios will be to improve the antennas, and maybe set up an antenna tracker with yagi antenna.

The best way is to get radios actually designed for long distance, like RF Design products and there’s other brands too.

There’s also systems that combine the RC control and telemtry like the RF Design TX Mod (with either PWM or SBUS output) and you would get the same long range as with normal RFD radios - say 40km or more or less depending on baud rate. There’s also others like Dragon Link, HereLink and more. Some even offer video over the link but it gets expensive.


Radio amplification is a poor way to gain range. Every time you double the power your only going to gain around 30% more range at most due to the signal being distributed over a larger area.

Directional antennas are the way to boost range, roughly every 3db doubles the signal so just going to a 9dbi antenna will more than double your range. Yaggi antennas or moxon work well.


Hi, Wonder if you know Yagi or Parabolic antenna are better for drones?

Clearly not on the craft but if you can deal with a highly directional signal from the Transmitter sure. I use a directional antenna (Moxon) on my Transmitter on occasion.

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Hi, Any update here, I was thinking to use a herelink 2.5 Ghz antenna with the controller of the herelink in ground. Did anyone ever try that.