Increasing climb speed parameters


I would like to increase the stock set climb and descent speed of my 17 inch X8 drone. From previous experience (trial and error) with my 7 inch quad I know that the parameters I need to change are:


My question is: lets say I want to set PILOT_SPEED_UP to 500 cm/s. Is there any rule or relation that I should follow to set PILOT_ACCEL_Z and PSC_JERK_Z?

For example, should PILOT_ACCEL_Z = C1 x PILOT_SPEED_UP and PSC_JERK_Z = C2 x PILOT_ACCEL_Z (in which C1 and C2 are multipliers)?

Should even C1 be equal to C2? Or is it all try and error?

Hope you understood my question. Thanks to anyone that can help

Edit: I know that C1 can not be exactly equal to C2 due to the difference of units between PILOT_ACCEL_Z and PSC_JERK_Z (cm/s^2 vs m/s^3)

Maybe not much help, I dont know of a formula since copters can all be so different.
I would increase the values quite a bit, do a test flight and check in logs for what can be achieved. You might need to reduce those new/discovered values a little if adding a payload, keeping battery life under control and so on…

@xfacta thanks for the help. I imagined there would not be a direct formula application but for this but it does not hurt to ask. :grinning:

Because it is common to set the formula:

I though there could be another formula for the climb speed and acceleration.

Seems like trial and error is the way to go. Hope not to exagerate values and crash the copter :sweat_smile:
Anyway thanks again!