Increase Yaw speed in guided mode


I’m looking for advice on enabling faster yaw speed in guided mode. I’m connecting to ArduCopter through dronekit on a companion computer, and using the MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW mavlink command (90, 1080, 1, 1) continuously during flight for testing. That means yaw 90 deg, speed of 1080 deg/s, clockwise, relative to current heading.

I’ve also set:

The result is always the same: a very slow continuous yaw, takes about 5 seconds to do a full 360 degree rotation.
Using a radio controller and flying manually in stabilize mode I can achieve much higher yaw rate.


Hi Ross, have a you got a .bin log where that’s happening?
What size is the multirotor? (props and overall diameter)

It’s a bug that has been fixed in ArduCopter 4.1
I did a PR to backport the fix to 4.0. Do you want that?

That would be great if you could link the pull request to fix this bug, I’m comfortable merging it into our custom 4.0.6 firmware.

Thanks but that PR didn’t work for me. The reason is it is not reaching the changed code in the angle controller, it’s instead running the velocity controller.
The yaw that I’m seeing comes from the function:

I can reproduce this behaviour using SITL, using default parameters (although I attempted to update yaw speed parameters).