Increase simulated quadcopter power to increase top speed?


I am running an arducopter SITL simulation in a vagrant virtual machine and when I set the desired speed in my GCS (QGroundControl) to 20m/s for example it will top out at 15m/s. I was wondering if there’s any way to increase the amount of power the simulated vehicle has to allow it to fly faster?

I have looked throughout the GitHub and can’t seem to find where the motor power is set. I found in the SIM_Motor.cpp file there is a function called calculate_forces which has an input parameter of thrust_scale which multiplies the calculated thrust by a fixed value which may help to increase the aircraft power. However I don’t know where this function is called in the simulation.

Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.


As you already found, the main parameters come from here
you can append -fast to the vehicle model to speed it up, otherwise you need to modify his thrust power

Hi khancyr, I’m having similar trouble. When I set a point for my simulated copter to fly to, it’s max speed is 10m/s. I would like to allow it to go faster. I don’t quite understand your suggestion. Can you elaborate? Thank you.