Incorrect mamba F405 MK3 description

I just wanted to post this because under Plane Hardware there is exactly stated that description its for Mamba F405 MK3 but:

  1. there is picture of Mamba F405 MK2 connections
  2. the specified connections are incorrect as after uploading FW - UART3 and UART4 are GPS
  3. there is no correct firmware for it - it points to Mamba F405US-I2C but that one does not exist

Other than that the board is functional.

If what I said about GPS is inccorect because I used CUSTOM FIRMWARE OPTION just close it.

Were you able to find any solution ?

well, yes.

  1. Got correct scheme
  2. Confirmed you have to disable UART3 GPS to make default scheme work
  3. Went to custom firmware build and created one for airplane with some options disabled

I would also update description but I dont know how