Incorrect distances since beta update on Friday

Since the beta update on Friday I think, my missions are showing distances of over 1 million miles. Missions are flying fine however.


thanks for the report, ill fix.
its out buy a factor of 1000 in metric. ie m vs km’s

I’m not finding any correlation between the displayed number and meters. I have my missions saved with the distance and none of them are matching up so I can’t create a new mission until the distance is fixed.

just downloaded an update and it divided the distance by 1000… the mission in picture is around 10 miles and the distance doesn’t correlate at all


yep, that’s another bug. thanks for reporting it. this issue was it was always calculating the distance from the first point in the mission, not the one directly before it.

it appears it’s calculating splines now! Am I right?

yes, the spline part was the actual update, the distance where side effects of that change.
splines now appear on both flight data and flight planner a well.

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How difficult would it be to also incorporate the spline data into the angle calculation? Personally I could really use that.