Incorrect current readings with several power modules

Hey all,
I am having an issue with my power modules, I have tried using the power brick that comes with the ProfiCNC Cube 2.1, as well as a Mauch 100a with the hall effect sensor that I am currently using

in both setups, I can get voltage to transmit back to Mission planner “mostly accurately”, but I absolutely cannot get current to work correctly.

I have calibrated the sensor by inputting manual Amperes per volt and my drone always sees between 1 and 1.8A at rest on the ground without the motors spinning, and when it is in the air, the current reading on Mission planner jumps around sporadically from 15-20(ish) amps, it just doesn’t ever stay still on one number for me to get an accurate reading of current.

I’ll include a flight log from yesterday, I dont know if it will be of any help but hopefully!

When you set the calibration, what was your test current?