Include delay in automatically generated waypoint list?

Im trying to use the polygon tool to generate a series of waypoints (including the interior points) for acquiring overlapping photographs for mapping. I am running a camera with an intervelometer in CHDK. Id like the quad to delay at each waypoint in the series for long enough to acquire at least 1 photo from that point (so 3 seconds or so). It is easy to go in and add a delay to a single waypoint, but annoying if there are more than a dozen waypoints. Is there a way to have the polygon generation automatically include a delay of x seconds in all waypoints?


Why not just fly slower? CHDK should be faster than a rate of every three seconds anyway?

Right. Fair point. Yeah about 3 secs is the best I can get, generally.

It will not be added as a part of the survey tool since it`s too single-purpose, so it just complicates things for most users.

But we can add it as an option at the multiselect tool, like we plan to do with bach altitude editing. Could you add this as an issue on github?