Incidence in compass calibration using gestures

When I try to calibrate the compass using stick gestures I get a “PreArm: Non zero throttle” warning.

I put the throttle at 100% and the rudder at 100% to the right but Ardupilot understands that I want to arm the motor instead of doing the compass calibration.

Any suggestion on how to fix it?

Try turning off rudder arming and changing it to switch arming.

I tried your proposal. The “PreArm: Non zero throttle” warning does not appear, but the calibration does not start either.

Gesture compass cal is copter only and will be gone all-together for 4.2.

Hi @Lano

Als alternative You could use the parameter RCx_OPTION = 62 Compass Learn.

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I was just now reading the documentation about Compass Learn