In Sport_Mode => Throttle 0 = Motor off and PILOT_VELZ_MAX ignored

Hi there,

I know that the version 3.2 is normally out of support, but my hope is, that I have make a mistake or must change only an unknown parameter.

I use the Mini APM Pro in a small Hex-copter ( T-Drones 380 mm ) with the version 3.2. The 3.2.1 should have a not so good behavior in POS_HOLD, ALT_HOLD like the Version 3.2.

In the last time I was busy to fly / check / change the PID’s. P and D looks like OK now in the different flight modes.

In Sport Mode the climb and more (for me) urgent climb and descend speed is to low and I want increase them.

The WIKI said for this one: "It will climb or descend at up to 2.5m/s (this speed is adjustable with the PILOT_VELZ_MAX parameter) "

If I change the PILOT_VELZ_MAX and / or PILOT_ACCEL_Z; I couldn’t see any effect in Sport Mode.

Changes with this values are visible e.g. in POS_HOLD .

Another thing is, that I believe, that is not OK:

If I put the Throttle Stick in Sport Mode to 0, that Motors are stopped immediately in the air and the
copter is falling like a stone from the sky. I would expect, that throttle 0 means, that the max. assigned descend speed will be reached. Like Alt_Hold / POS_Hold. That’s the way, how I understood the WIKI.

After upgrade the APM to Version 3.2 I’ve make a factory reset. So I didn’t believe that I have some problems about a dirty update.

Does someone have an idea, what’s going wrong, or what does I miss?
I haven’t found any information about this issue in the Internet.

2016-07-24 12-11-40.bin (208.8 KB)

I’ve just try the FW 3.2.1
There is the same behavior… Throttle 0 = all Motor are stopped.
Which parameter could be the reason for that? And why the climb and descend speed is from the parameter PILOT_VELZ_MAX ignored ?

Another test from other user, shows the same behavior, that the parameter PILOT_VELZ_MAX has no effect in Sport Mode.
Which Parameter is valid for the climb and descent speed?